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Railway Environment Portfolio  

Railway Induction (1,2 or 3 days)            

Each of these induction courses is individually tailored to the needs of clients. Their content has been drawn from the well established 100 Basic Principles course together with new material requested by Network Rail and their major contractors. The modules available cover the full spectrum of railway infrastructure, operations and safety.  They can be used either as a railway induction programme or to broaden the railway knowledge of existing employees and managers, especially those joining multi-disciplined environments.

Course delivery is enhanced by photographs and diagrams from our library and use of our model railway to re-enact scenarios and carry out a possession planning case study.

Objectives - To enable delegates to obtain an appropriate introductory knowledge to their proposed role in the rail industry, including the safe planning and execution of engineering work on or near Network Rail’s infrastructure.

 Available modules:  

  • The Structure & Operations of the Rail Industry
  • Railway Documentation

  • Railway Infrastructure (P-Way, Structures, Signalling & Electrification)

  • Traction & Rolling Stock and Light Rail

  • On-Track Machines and Other Engineering Vehicles

  • Planning Engineering Work and Line Blockages

  • LUL Engineering & Infrastructure

  • Railway Safety Legislation

  • Glossary of Railway Terminology

 100 Basic Principles (2 days) 

This well established programme was developed in 1994 but its content has been regularly reviewed and updated in line with the constant change the industry has experienced since then. 

Objectives - To enable delegates to obtain a basic level of knowledge in relation to carrying out engineering work on or near Network Rail’s infrastructure. 
  • Features relating to railway infrastructure and operational equipment

  • Engineering and operational principles and requirements

  • Legal requirements

  • Railway documentation and instructions

  • One hour closed book examination

Safety Management Portfolio   

CDM Regulations (2015) Awareness (one day)            

Objectives - To provide participants with an understanding of the Regulations and their application on railway works, the roles of key personnel identified in the regulations and the essential documentation required by the Regulations.


  • Definitions in the CDM Regulations

  • Associated legislation

  • Duties of the principal parties

  • Construction Phase Plan

  • Health and Safety File

  • Specific applications of CDM including Network Rail

Railway Risk Assessment (one day)          

Objectives - To enable delegates to appreciate the value and importance of hazard identification and risk assessment in the planning and implementation of railway works.


  • Review of relevant legislation

  • The concept of hazard and risk

  • Hazard Identification

  • Various methods of Assessing risk

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis

  • Risk control measures

  • HAZOP, ALARP etc.

  • Practical railway-related applications

 Rail Project Safety Awareness (2 - 3 days)        

Objectives These courses provide delegates with awareness and understanding to manage safety within rail projects, of all engineering disciplines. 


  • Health and Safety Legislation, including CDM Regulations

  • Railway Safety Legislation

  • Project safety management

  • Safety risk assessment

  • The Structure & Operations of the Rail Industry

  • Planning Engineering Work and Line Blockages

Project Management Portfolio

Essential Project Management (3 - 5 Days)

Objectives - Provides participants with the essential skills to effectively manage the planning and implementation of railway project/contract works.


  • Project Definition & Appraisal

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Scheduling & Estimating

  • Safety & Risk Management

  • Cost Planning & Control

  • Contract Management & Change Control

  • Progress Reporting

Project Management Awareness (One Day)

Objectives & Content - Using the same curriculum as the Essential Project Management course delivered at a lighter, awareness level, this course provides participants with an awareness of the essential skills needed to effectively manage the planning and implementation of project/contract works.

Project Planning (One Day)

Objectives & Content – The scheduling, resourcing, estimating & cost planning elements of Essential Project Management concentrated into a one day course.

Project Risk Management Appreciation (One Day)

Objectives - To enable delegates to appreciate the value and importance of project risk assessment and management in the successful implementation of railway projects.


  • Definitions and terminology in risk management

  • The process and benefits of risk management

  • Project, business and strategic risk

  • Human behaviour and attitudes to risk

  • Risk identification and classification

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment